Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Job Qualifications: 5 Years Experience, Jack Bauer Type Capabilities

I was talking to a friend the other day about the Chuck Norris & Jack Bauer (of Fox's "24" fame) threads that have been emailed around over the last couple of weeks. The ones that go something like, "Jack Bauer - He would have gotten the ring to Mordor in 24 hours". The difference between the two guys is that you laugh at Chuck Norris, but you would want to hire Jack Bauer. Just consider his qualities:
  • Succeeds at working within a matrixed organization without direct lines of control
  • Leads a team while also acting as an individual contributor
  • Makes spot on decisions with 80% information
  • Possesses honesty and passion
  • Masters all the skills necessary for his job
  • Gets stuff done with a Macgyver type sense of innovation

In fact, if anyone is trying to set their business objectives for the coming business year, just put down you want to be more like Jack Bauer, perhaps sans the violent tendencies, and leave it at that. Who would I pick for real life Jack Bauer for 2005? Probably Admiral Thad Allen who seemed to be one of the only people capable of action during the Katrina crisis.


Karen said...

Nice work, Rob. Congrats on the blog. As for your post "Jack Bauer-type capabilities," I think people doing the hiring can learn a lot from this as well. In the increasingly competitive arena where many of us do business, survival skills, resilency and risk-taking can significantly benefit the organization willing to take the time to find the right individual. And while the capabilities noted are attributed to "Jack," they translate just as well "Julie," (i.e. your female counterparts).

Rob said...

Thank's Karen. Although my post was a little tongue in cheek, I think there is a lot to be said for the archetype he represents. Of the things you mention, resilency is one of the traits I look for in people that is at the top of my list. As for "julie", wholeheartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

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