Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Where is the next opportunity - Dubai?

Everyone has had the discussion, where is the next opportunity? Three ways to look at it: 1) Try and find a hot technology or trend 2) Try and find a hot company that will hit on a a great opportunity 3) Try and find a geography where opportunity is omnipresent (like the Bay Area in the late 90's) . Along the latter, Dubai has been popping up in many discussions. Not sure if they are looking for management talent, but John Hagel points out how the country is looking to become an economic player beyond it's oil industry which has about 10-15 more years of life.

Dubai - Global Talent Magnet
Dubai is not China or India. Far from it. In fact, in terms of population, it is entirely at the other end of the scale. But, having just returned from a trip there, I came back with a growing sense that Dubai has an opportunity to become a much more significant player in the global economy.

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Karl said...

Agreed - having been to many places in the last few years including India and China --my judgement Dubai is hot! (no pun intended)

Ok - that's my only prediction for 2006. Let's come back in 10 years and see what happens.