Friday, December 16, 2005

Strategy and The Apprentice

After spending close to 100K on an MBA, working at a strategy consulting firm and currentluy occupying a role with the title of strategist, you think I would love strategy. In fact, I think I would move it into the trashbin next to other great business buzzwords (along with my most hated word “quick wins”). I recently heard a CEO say that strategy was overrated. This is not to say that ideas aren't important because that is all a strategy really is; an idea which meets certain criteria. No, I just think that strategy withers when compared to the importance of execution, decisiveness and determination. I see this in no clearer place than The Apprentice. The people I would hire (not necessarily those trump hires) are the ones that get things done. As kramer said on Seinfeld, “TCOB”. Taking care of business. I find strategy guys interesting. They have cool ideas. But in the end give me someone who can TCOB.
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